Cray-McCray Plush Shag Jacket

Where do I even begin with this jacket?! I loved it since the second I laid eyes on it which was about a year ago I believe. It was over $100 and coming from Australia so I decided not to purchase it right away. A couple months ago I saw it again and decided I needed it, so I bought it. Best decision ever! It is sooo pretty. Not only are the colors just amazing but man is it comfy. It keeps me super warm and cozy. Ahh such a cool jacket, I've worn it a couple times and intend on wearing it a hundred more times. I actually just wore it again over the weekend in Pismo where it was chilly weather. I got many compliments on this one. Only side effects to this plush shag jacket are: 1.) you will look like a bird. A beautiful one of course 2.) it will leave fuzzies everywhere. And I do mean EVERYWHERE. .

But it's worth it okay ;)

Also just a warning, when you go on Andi Bagus site to purchase you will want to buy everything. Let's just say I'm ready for summer 2018!!

Lastly, I want to give a quick shout out to my photographer on this shoot, Ryden. He was super easy to work with, really fun to shoot with, and was very professional. We had a blast shooting this look! And thank you to Jose as well for helping us out. Both super cool guys. If anyone is looking for a photographer, hit them up on their social media, I'll link it below. :)

Ryden Tomatoes ig: to.matoes

Jose Cortez ig: lensationjc


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