A Fall Look

It was the beginning stages of Fall. The leaves were slowly going from bright green to yellow & orange. That's my favorite time of year, after my birthday but before Thanksgiving. Why? 4 day weekends, and holidays with my family ♥ Oh yeah and of course getting to dress up for that Fall weather, thats why you're here right?! ;)

Alright first thing I turned to when the leaves turned... My KAT VON D liquid lipstick!! It's such a beautiful color (in the shade LOLITA) link below. It's like a brown/dark red shade.. honestly the best, and looks amazing on different skin tones!

Next, my quilted velvet maroon purse with a gold buckle.. from TARGET! So pretty!

Last things I'll talk about are my top and coat. They're both from 12TH TRIBE. Got them wayyyy long ago. My top has a sewn on choker and I love it. This knitted coat is sooo warm. You might doubt it because it's knitted which means there's little holes where the air hits your skin, but that's not the case here. There's enough fabric to keep you warm for even the winter. I promise.

Also my apologies for the late post, this was a look that was meant to be posted before Thanksgiving... but well life happened you know.. :) Hope you love this look!

*I tried to find exact links to items, some were no longer available so I chose similar options for you guys.

Photos taken by 📷 Luis Gutierrez.


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