The Brixton Albany Cap

It's safe to say I'm obsessed with the brand Brixton. They have so many cool stuff, I would own every hat if I could. Even the men's caps are so cute! haha. Ladies if you have a stylish man check into their stuff. Or if if you have a man with a laidback style, this is most definitely the shop for them. I would say the Brixton brand is comfy but stylish!

Man when I saw the detail on this hat, my eyes almost popped out of my head. Lol I love details, especially when someone takes the time to put them. I'm curious as to how this particular hat was created, it's gorgeous. It is a pretty navy blue color with curduroy fabric. It also has a decorative detail all around the crown and at the brim of the hat. AND a cute little rope accent. Bonus: It is not flimsy, the crown is sturdy so your hat will stay in place and not fold or ruin.

These blue velvet boots I also can't get enough of. They are seriously the most comfortable boots (with a heel) that I've ever worn. I could wear these to club and dance in them all night! I know this because I have already done so. They can be dressed up for dressed down. They are by the brand Report Signature.

*Photos by Luis Gutierrez


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