Fuzzy Red Beanie

I was in Pismo Beach over the New Year weekend with my boyfriend. Safe to say it was nice to spend the new year over some peace & quiet by the beach. There wasn't much going on over there for the holiday. No fireworks either, which made sense with all the fires going on lately it's a hazard. We ran into some of my boyfriend's friends by accident and went over to the their family's place for the night. It was a good time with everyone, but since we had planned to end the New Year at our hotel room while popping a bottle of champagne, well we had to get going. Literally 10 min before midnight the family told us to get going so we could make it back to our room on time (we were a little less than 10 min away from our hotel). Lol so we ran out of there.. but we didn't make it. haha The clock turned midnight while we were driving but I told my boyfriend not to say anything. I wanted to wait until we got into our room. Around 12:05am we popped that bottle of champagne and well.. It was OUR HAPPY NEW YEAR :)

Ok that was a little background story leading to where I found this fuzzy red beanie that I LOVE. lol

The next day we were on our way back home when we passed signs of Morro Bay, and we decided to take a detour. If you haven't been, it's a cute little town I would say. Nice weather, quiet, and nearby the big cities. Every time I go I have to stop by this little shop by the pier where they sell my favorite... Chocolate Almond Bark. yummm! We walked around the rest of the shops and wandered upon a surf shop. Straight across from me.. like way in the back... I notice this bright red beanie inside a glass storage box thing. I immediately walked faster towards it and noticed that it was a fuzzy beanie. I love BEANIES and HATS. They just help me look more put together if that makes sense. They especially help for those bad hair days! I have so many beanies actually but not enough places to wear them to. That's actually how I feel about my whole closet.. lol Anyway I looked for an employee to open the box for me and no one was around so I went ahead and tried to open it myself haha it was unlocked.. I tried the beanie on. It was so warm and so pretty! AND it was by one of my favorite hat brands.. BRIXTON! That's when I realized wow Brixton is really my go to for any head accessories. I had no doubts I wanted it, so I went straight to the cash register and THE REST IS HISTORY.

If you read this whole story, thanks! haha if not oh well, OUTFIT details below :)

Photos by @lensationjc


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