Festival Vibes

So I've had this tribal skirt for years and have only worn it a couple times.. but recently one of my friends came to me and asked what she should wear to Coachella this year.. and BAM this skirt came to mind and inspired me to put this look together out of clothes that have been hanging in my closet forever. I've actually never been to Coachella although my friends have asked me to go with them but ehh for that much money I would rather go to Stagecoach, but also have never been to Stagecoach yet.. waiting on a great lineup. So bummed I missed the year Luke Bryan was there but I didn't have enough money saved :(

Anyway I paired this tribal skirt with my Led Zeppelin tee and this crazy faux fur jacket. Not gonna lie when I received this jacket in the mail I was a little disappointed.. I felt like I was wearing a gorilla suit haha I had to make it work though, don't want to deal with the stress of returning it.. Anyone else get stressed out ordering things online at the thought of it not fitting or looking as expected and then you have to return it and get something else?! Man online shopping is a love/hate relationship but I'd still rather shop online haha

Btw I think this outfit would look so much more cool with a pair of combat boots or doc martens, so IF you have some, your outfit will look bomb! I wish I had a pair.

Well I hope this look inspires y'all for your next music festival, whether it be Coachella or not! :)

As always outfit details below! 🌴

Thank you to my friend Nathaly for taking these shots, so fun working with you! Also guys we have another shoot coming up for Valentine's Day! Stay Tuned!! ❤️

Check out more of Nathaly's work on her ig page @unknown.jpeg


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