Valentine's Day Inspired Look


I feel like I have so much to say.. first of all I hope you all have a wonderful Valentine's Day! Whether you are celebrating with Your Loved One, with Friends, or with Family, I hope it's special. Hey if you don't have plans that's cool too, I've spent so many of my Valentine's Days alone in my room watching romantic movies and eating popcorn haha I love those days! But you know what else is special?... when you can celebrate this overrated holiday with your GALS.

Yup that's right GALENTINE'S DAY is a new thing and it is so effing cool.

For a long ass time I thought I would be Jessica Biel in that romance comedy "Valentine's Day." Man I love that movie. In case you haven't watched.. Jessica Biel is upset because she's single and alone and throws a party for all the single lonely people on Valentine's Day, and it ends up being the best party ever. Oh and she STILL ends up with a date after the party ;) sorry if I spoiled the movie for you but it came out in 2010 so if you still haven't watched it, what are you waiting for?! Lol This may sound cheesy to you if you're not into that kind of movie but maybe it's time I let y'all know...


I'm that girl who believes in true love, soulmates, best friends, chivalry, and I do believe that NO matter how long a couple has been dating the ROMANCE DOES NOT HAVE TO END. I believe in dating your partner even if they're already YOURS. Just because you have been bf/gf or husband/wife for years you should still continue to date, have fun, learn new things about each other, try to dress up for the other once in awhile, FLIRT with each other, and LAUGH together every day (it keeps you sane and burns calories btw).

I'm also that girl that tells my friends not to settle for less. They tell me they're tired of dating the wrong guys/ waiting for the right person to come along and that they're willing to settle.. but I say DON'T. Your soulmate is out there and until he comes along I will be my friends' soulmate.

However, don't mistake me for being naive. I've learned so much through my past relationships and current. I know that relationships are hard work, it definitely takes two people to make it work. And some days you just want to give up but you remember why you fell in love with the other person in the first place. You remember that nobody is perfect not even you. You love and accept your partner and all their flaws. You have to choose what you're willing to put up with and what you just can't deal with. Yes some days it is harder to give your partner the attention they deserve BUT you know what A LITTLE GOES A LONG WAY. Small gestures are romantic such as wishing your girl a great day and reminding her you love her or him. No excuses as to why you can't incorporate romanticism into your relationship everyday lol. See I told you I'm a Romantic. ;)

Lucky for me I don't have to be as hopeless anymore because I've found someone I can call my best friend, love of my life, and pain in my butt sometimes. I wouldn't want to do life with anybody else. Not to mention he is a total BABE. My Babe. 💘 I can't wait to spend some quality time with him tomorrow. We will be ordering pizza, drinking wine, and watching movies. Usually every Valentine's Day we celebrate by going on a romantic picnic. They are MY ABSOLUTE FAVORITE. He also will get me some chocolate covered almonds and a bottle of wine cause he knows the way to my heart! Haha This month has been really busy for me so we didn't get a chance to do our picnic tradition but who knows maybe we'll do it next weekend, we shall see. :)


I've known for awhile that I wanted to do a super fun and girly Valentine's Day inspired look. My friend Nathaly was so down to help me shoot this look. I am so excited to show you guys these pics. It's so cool to see the end result after I put hard work into the look and editing. Nat also edited a couple pics and she did an amazing job! Check them out on her instagram page @unknwn.jpeg

*Sidenote: A couple months ago my sister was reading my blog posts and told me I sounded like Carrie Bradshaw (SEX AND THE CITY). It was such a huge compliment!! That made me happy to know I have a voice like her. I have watched all seasons of the show and the movies. I AM OBSESSED TO SAY THE LEAST. I get so much fashion inspiration as well as life/dating tips. Haha

THEN last week when I was shooting this look downtown a girl came up to me and told me I looked like Carrie Bradshaw in my outfit. WHAT?! I was flattered. That proved to me Carrie Bradshaw is my soul sista haha 😻

I've always considered myself to be a mixture of Carrie and Charlotte from the show. Carrie because she's not afraid to be herself. She expresses herself through her style and through her writing. She's also a great friend and she's the heart of the group keeping everyone together. She's not judgmental or afraid to try new things. If you're wondering WHY Charlotte, its because she's a hopeless romantic of course haha AND she's also VERY LOYAL to whoever she's with, and especially to her friends. She is a great person to have in your life.

QUESTION: Which characters do you relate to the most from SEX AND THE CITY?

Let me know in the comments below.

Okay guys this is the longest blog I have ever written and to be honest with you it's 1:30am and I had to rewrite this whole post because my page froze and everything got erased. It may not have been as good as the first time I wrote it but hey I didn't give up. Persistence & dedication is key right.

Thank you guys so much for reading along it means so much to me, and this is a very time consuming hobby but it is something I am passionate about. I hope you guys can see that through the content I put out.

Enjoy this fun VDAY inspired look. Please leave a comment down below, let me know if you like this post and what else you would like to see & read about.




Photos by @unknwn.jpeg


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