Collabing with Brands

Hey guys!

So today's topic is "collabing with brands." Since I've started blogging I've had numerous brands reach out to me to collaborate. From clothing brands - to jewelry - to watches - to sunglasses - even skincare. Now this doesn't mean that I've "MADE IT" because I get to collaborate with brands and all that seems SO COOL right?! You might assume I get everything for free.. WRONG. The way it works in this world (Social Media), when you have a big following that's when brands start looking at you to send you free stuff to try on and show off to your followers. OR if you're really cool, they even pay you per post (on Instagram). I, however am not that "COOL" yet. Lol

So the way it's worked for me so far is that a brand reaches out to me, they offer me a decent or HUGE discount to shop on their site and then I have to post pictures in their clothes+ jewelry or whatever the product may be. What's EVEN BETTER is when a brand offers me a discount code for my followers (YOU GUYS).

I want to be completely honest with y'all. I've only worked with 4 brands so far and chances are you have Or will see me post about it on my instagram. I have denied to work with 5+ brands. Why? Because I want to keep it as real with you guys, and if I don't see myself benefiting from that product then why am I going to post about it and encourage you guys to buy something I wouldn't wear or use in the first place. Not only that but there was this one clothing brand in particular that tried to work with me, but after doing my hardcore research on them I found many bad reviews on their facebook about the quality or customer service. If something seems sketchy to me or too good to be true, I do my research on it so I don't fall into scams. I encourage y'all to do the same.

Anyway, I've had some luck and been fortunate to work with some new brands I'd never heard of but have so many cute things (clothing +jewlery so far). :)

The most recent brand collaboration I have done is with an online boutique based in Newport Beach, CA. Their style gives you that casual beachy vibe and super effortless look. Check them out at @xomandysue or

Not only did they offer me a HUGE discount but they've offered y'all one as well. They were super nice to work with and I know I'll continue to shop from them. Down below I'll post how I styled one of their dresses. This is the "Ashby Dress." Please check them out and if you want to buy anything use the code: MAYRA35 to get 35% off their entire site. I mean who doesn't want to save money right?! ;)

Threw in a pic of me and my newest favorite photographer... MY BF :)

Fyi he's not actually a photographer he's just really supportive of me and helps me take my outfits pics. He was actually recovering from a cold that day and still offered to help me out (I love you babe). He most likely won't even see this post though so it's okay for me to gush about him on here ;) HAHA


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