Pros and Cons of Eyelash Extensions

I have eyelash extensions and let me tell you how obsessed I am. First of all, I've had them on for about a year and I don't know if I'll stop anytime soon...or ever!

I didn't actually need the eyelash extensions and many people ask why I got them if I already had long eyelashes to begin with (and a lot of them). Well I initially got them because I was going on a trip and I didn't want to worry about applying mascara. I wasn't planning on wearing any makeup at all, so I wanted to at least wake up with a curly and voluminous set of lashes in the morning haha! Someone should've warned me I would get addicted to them... cause here I am a year later and haven't taken them off. I get refills done every 3 weeks.

A lot of you girls have asked me a ton of questions about them, so I've decided to answer some questions on here as well as weigh the PROS & CONS for y'all.


1. How long do they last? Honestly if you take care of them well, they can least you a month. For me I need to get a fill by the third week cause I start having gaps in my lashes (see photos below).

2. How much do they cost? They cost $200 for a full set of Volume Lashes. It's $65 for a FILL (2-3 weeks). Keep in mind this is the pricing for the girl that I go to.

3. Who do you go to? I go to Jenny or (Click on her name to be redirected to her instagram profile). She is located at Bella Lash Boutique (5301 Office Park Dr, Bakersfield, CA). It takes her about an hour and a half to do my FILL.

4. How do you take care of them? I don't wet them for 24 hours and I make sure to brush them daily, especially anytime after I wet them but don't brush them while they're wet. Pat them dry and then comb them. Also be careful how you sleep. Sometimes I sleep on them, meaning they press against my pillow and I might wake up with some eyelashes curled inward or they'll fall off. :/

5. What kind of lashes do you get? I get VOLUME lashes. They're the brand Bella Lashes I believe. They're light and feathery. She glues a couple volume lashes to one of my real lashes to create a full look.


1. NO MASCARA. Yay!!! Well actually I still wear mascara on my bottom lashes. BUT the fact that I don't have to put any on my top lashes is amazing to me! They already look dark, and of course they're full and long so I don't need any. It saves me so much time getting ready for work. This = more sleep ;) and that make me happy lol I seriously hated putting on multiple coats of mascara and brushing them in between so they don't clump. Now I don't worry about that.

2. WAKE UP LOOKING FAB. Lol ok not literally but it does help that makeup/ or no makeup my eyelashes always look ready and pretty. Also they look pretty natural. They look like my eyelashes but with mascara on. Honestly when I'm doing a doing a makeup look, it looks even better with these cause they make my eyes POP. And if I'm not wearing makeup, it makes me look less bad haha jk but I do look more awake :)


1. THEY'RE ADDICTING. I've come to the conclusion that I can't stop myself from getting refills. And well... its pricey. I spend $65 every 3 weeks on my lashes. That's like a monthly bill.

2. DAMAGE. While all lash artists have told me that they DO NOT damage my real eyelashes, I kinda believe otherwise. Of course we naturally have our real eyelashes fall off daily (I read that its normal to lose about 1-4 eyelashes a day). But I feel like these extensions still do damage my real lashes. I mean Ive had them on for a such a long time without a break so it's possible that because they're glued onto my lashes, maybe they create pressure on my real ones causing them to fall out? Idk to be honest but I do feel that I now have less lashes than I used to before I started getting them done. However, every time I get them done, my lash artist reminds me that I still have a ton of mine left and this makes her really happy because it makes her job easier lol Anyway that is still my opinion.


1. OK so if you have little to no Lashes I say YES.

2. IF you are a very busy woman, are a mom, or workaholic and hardly have time to get ready, I say YES.

3. IF you can afford it then YES.

4. IF you want to wake up feeling PURDY 😍 everyday & night then I say YASS.

5. IF you are going on a weekend trip or vacation, OR going to a special event, MAYBE your wedding then I say YES YES YES.


*If you naturally have long and full eyelashes then I would suggest trying a Lash LIFT. The lash lift makes your natural lashes curly all the time and it also lasts about 3 weeks for similar pricing I believe. If I would've known about it a year ago then I would have definitely given it a try first.

**I use L'oreal Telescopic Mascara on my bottom lashes. I used to use it on my top lashes as well before I started doing my eyelash extensions. I AM OBSESSED WITH THIS MASCARA. Not only is it super affordable but it really helps separate your lashes to make them look fuller and not like spiders. It also helps extend them to the top, does that make sense? haha It helps them look LONGER!



Let me know if you guys have anymore questions/ tips! :)


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