Follow Your Dreams + Melange Boutique Collab꧂

Hey Hey Hey Guys! I’ve teamed up with this semi new boutique local to Bakersfield, CA. They are called Melange Boutique. If you’re local you might’ve heard of them already. They started their store out of a bus. Yup a bus. How cool is that? A mobile store that comes to you for your shopping needs. I remember seeing these in LA but this is the first time it’s happened in Bakersfield. Anyway they now have a store front and a website! Real quickly I just want to say how proud I am of these young entrepreneurs. The owners are Maraiah, 20 and her younger sister Mia, 15. It’s so inspiring to see these two sisters follow their dreams at such a young age. I guess this proves that age doesn’t really matter, (early teens/20s or late 50s+) if you’ve got a dream go after it! You’re never too young or too old, you may not have to know it all at the moment, figure it out as you go and if you have an experienced mentor or mentors (parents/ friends) even better. For months I’ve been listening to this song called “Vacation” by Dirty Heads. I’ll list different the lyrics that stand out to me... “I’m on vacation every single day cause I love my occupation.” “Say you hate your job but that ain’t gonna be me.” “If you don’t like your job then you should go and change it.” “I get to do the shit I love on the daily, Everybody go and live your daydream.” Excuse the cussing lol but seriously?! How accurate is this. I’m a firm believer that if you don’t like something, if you’re not happy with your life... stop complaining and do something about it. So many people settle because they’re afraid or maybe just lazy to make a change, because they’re comfortable. NOT ME! And I encourage you to tag along with me. Let’s promise to never settle for less. Whether it’s our job, relationships, friendships, fitness goals, etc. Im going to be honest with you guys I’ve been in my occupation for three years, and while it’s been going great for me... I’m bored. I’m no longer satisfied. I’m craving more. Even though I have a good salary and I get to make my own hours every freakin day. I’m not happy anymore. I’m craving more from life. I’d like to take some time off work and travel for a couple months but at the moment it’s not something that would fit into my lifestyle. So for now I’ll make small trips every now and then. What I can control is getting another job. I went to college, I believe in education. I actually enjoyed school, I was good at it and I loved learning new things. However at my current job I feel like I’m not learning anymore, I feel stagnant and even though I’m doing a good job I don’t feel fulfilled. I want to learn more skills and be in a position where I can continue to move up and grow in my career. That’s what I want right now. Yes I have dreams to be a blogger and run an animal rescue but for now I can’t afford to quit my job and become a full time blogger. I will later be doing a blog post sharing how I hope that blogging will help me start my dream of owning an animal rescuing.

Anyway guys, point is to never give up. Don't be afraid of rejection. Take risks. So many people struggle to find what their passion is and others know what it is and do nothing about it. I just want to encourage you to follow your dreams and do what makes you happy. If you want to be an entrepreneur do it! Come up with a badass idea and run with it ;)

Meeting with Maraiah and Mia reminded me that I also want to be an entrepreneur. I want to work for myself one day and put my passion to use.

Thank you Maraiah and Mia for reaching out to me to collaborate, I am seriously flattered that you chose me.

P.S This was the first time that a boutique actually gave me a FREE outfit. They were so generous and I was super excited to pick out my outfit and style it for you guys!

Below is how I decided to style my picnic wrap top (that's what I call it lol) with a button up skirt. Both the shirt and skirt are from Melange Boutique.

In the meantime feel free to stop by their store to do some shopping.

They are located at:

Melange Boutique

1509 19th St, Bakersfield, CA 93301

Ig: @shopmelangeboutique

FB: shopmelangeboutique

Use my code MAYRA15 in store or online for a DISCOUNT!

I'm curious you guys, have you found your passion? Do you have a dream? If so, what is it? I'd love to know! ꕥ

Leave a comment down below ☺


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