Women Empowering Women ❣

Ahh where do I begin? Seriously, I have too many thoughts running through my head & this post has been long time coming since the beginning of the year.

I'll start here.

Women empowerment is something that is dear to my heart. There is nothing sweeter than making someone else feel Empowered.

As women we have come such a long way to get to where we are today by overcoming so many battles. We have fought for what we deserve and we are still fighting! It is so inspiring to see so many women come together to support each other everyday. I mean, from not being able to vote, getting unequal pay for the same amount of work, or no women in military combat, etc.

☆ Just some of our victories over the years:

1. Women can vote.

2. Women can work.

3. Some Women are making more money than men in the same job role.

4. Women can fight in the military.

5. Women can run for President!!!

& it is only the beginning. ❥

Don't let anyone tell you that you're dreaming too big. That you can't do something because you're a girl or because of your race, and religion. Don't let anybody bring you down!

My point is we need to continue to stand up for each other because amazing things can happen! Do you have a dream but don't know where to start? Ask for help. Don't be intimidated to ask for help from someone who is already successful at what you want to do. Don't feel like you have to figure it out all on your own. Together is better, friends. You may be able to do something great by yourself but imagine what you could accomplish if you had a team of badass women who could help you. People who believe in your vision and are willing to share their skills with you so that your dream can become a reality! Rome wasn't built in a day and it sure as hell wasn't done by one person.😉

Quote: "Behind every successful woman is a tribe of other successful women who have her back."

Example of myself:

One of my dreams is to own an animal rescue. Could I get there one day all on my own? Maybe. Could I get there faster with the support of others who believe in me and my dream?! YES. A million times YES. Imagine how many more resources will be available to me if I share with others my goals & they are willing to help me. I'm going to need a huge team of people in different departments to run an animal rescue. Not to mention funds... it is so expensive to start this type of business. Luckily I feel empowered to make this dream become a reality one day and I know I can do it with your help. :)

↠ It's crazy to me how little effort it takes to empower someone. It's crazy how much you can change a person's life by making them feel that they are worth it and that they can be whatever they want to be in this world.

Q's: Have you ever felt empowered? How did it make you feel? Did it make you feel so good about yourself and put a big smile on your face?

I personally have felt empowered and now that I've started my blog I have had more empowering moments. I've received many kind messages and compliments from other beautiful, smart, and driven women. Their genuine and positive reactions to my blog have made me feel like I'm doing something right. I feel confident and flattered that so many women can relate to me and the fact that they recognize my hard work. It's such a great feeling right?

So next time you get the opportunity, you can make someone else feel that way. Make them feel empowered. They will remember the way you made them feel. You can change the way a girl sees herself. You can change the way a woman sees herself.. anybody in general. When we empower someone it has an enormous ripple effect that we often don't realize.

》I constantly see so many girls compare themselves to others on social media. They tell themselves they wish they lived similar lives or that they were just as beautiful. BUT you know what?! That needs to stop. Don't make yourself feel bad because you wish you looked like them. Chances are they don't even look like that. That's most likely not their true self (meaning it's not how they were naturally born). Nowadays we have so many things accessible to us and let's face it these days all most people care about is their looks. That's why most people LOOK PERFECT on social media. Chances are that those girls you admire have a ton of makeup on, have had work done on their faces or their bodies. OR... maybe they haven't. Maybe they just know their good angles and know how to play with lighting. Of course thanks to editing apps these days anyone can look better.

My point is don't feel bad about yourself and don't compare yourself. Also, DON'T HATE on others because they have what you don't. BECAUSE YOU TOO can have that! You can easily look the way they do if that's what you want. You can have whatever you want you just have to work for it. Invest time into yourself, whether its hitting the gym, building a better skin routine, or playing with your makeup, etc.

OR... just embrace yourself. God made us this way for a reason, there's nothing wrong with that. We weren't born to look and be perfect. We are beautiful in our own way, inside and out.

That brings me to my next topic..

We weren't just made to look pretty and make babies. We also need to practice being beautiful on the inside. Yes I like to take care of myself and dress up because it makes me feel good BUT honestly the greatest way for me to feel EMPOWERED and feel amazing about myself is WHEN I GIVE BACK.

I was listening to a speech by Oprah and her words resonated with me:

"True philanthropy comes from living from the heart of yourself and giving what you have been given." ღ

I've done volunteer work for many years and then took a break but I'm getting back into it. Either way, whenever I get a chance to empower someone or make someone feel good, I do.


  • When you see a girl on instagram doubting herself. That is your opportunity to tell her that she is beautiful on the inside and out.

  • When you see a photographer doubting him or herself, that is your opportunity to let them know know they are doing a great job. That alone can be what stops this photographer from throwing away their dream of being a professional photographer.

  • When you see a homeless person in this heat, that is your opportunity to bring them some water or even buy them a meal.

  • When you see a less fortunate family who won't be able to give their children any Christmas presents, that is your opportunity to donate toys, food, or whatever you can do to help that family.

  • When you see a lost dog on the side of the road, if your'e not scared of them then that is your opportunity to save that dog and give them a shelter until you can figure out what to do with them.

  • When you see a lonely elderly person, that is your opportunity to have a conversation with them. Ask them questions about their life, make them feel remembered. In my experience there are a lot of elderly people who have been forgotten by their family members. Their family doesn't visit them anymore, and they just need someone to listen to them and give them a portion of their time to make them feel like somebody still cares.

There are so many things we can do make someone feel good! 🤗


"Life is enhanced by the giving, sharing and the opening up of your heart space.

Empowerment comes when you use that to serve someone else. The true reward is the lives you are able to touch. Your legacy is every life you have touched, every person who has felt influenced by you. Every person who has gained a voice because of you."

These are powerful words by Oprah. I had to share them because they have me feeling some type of way.

I don't know about you guys but for many years now I have asked myself what is my purpose on this Earth. I want to know. I want to feel like I'm working towards that purpose. I too, want to leave a legacy. I have struggled trying to figure out what that is but I can honestly say I'm slowly figuring that out.

Questions for you to think about:

1. Do you want to leave a legacy?

2. How will you use yourself so that your legacy will live beyond the doing?


Let's have each others back. Let's not feel threatened by the success of others,


Life is so different than it was back than for women. Like I mentioned earlier we have overcome so much and we should not move backwards! We deserve everything and more. We can do anything a man can do (if we wanted to lol).

In case you need another reminder...

Women are more independent now. YAY!!!! Women are no longer expected to have children or to just be a housewife. More women actually prefer to work these days. In some households the women is even the bread winner! There are now more women CEO's, business owners, Firewomen, etc. Also women are more open to expressing themselves and exploring creative careers.

BONUS: Single moms are okay with being both the Mom and Dad. Some women make a better Dad than the real dad themselves lol. They can do it all.

And you know what else? More women are okay with being Single. That's right. Women are learning their worth and not putting up with a man who doesn't treat her the way she should be treated. Therefore, men need need to step up their game because we are not SETTLING. We would rather be single & happy than married & miserable. LOL. At the end of the day find your girl tribe, and you are good. Your friends can be your soulmates! 😉

Okay guys I think that's it for this post. I think this may be my favorite topic yet!

I really hope you guys enjoyed reading this. Please let me know what you think, comment or message me and we can talk. You have a friend in me! :) Once again THANK YOU SO MUCH for reading this! It means the world to me!!


Mayra Patino



P.s these photos are from a shoot I did earlier in the year with some badass gals (Kaylee & Jorien) who have empowered me. I asked them to do a fun shoot with me and our inspiration was Charlie's Angels! Enjoy! 😜

Behind the scenes! :)


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