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Hey Guys! ♛

This post is about a new online boutique that I discovered a few months ago. If you're like me then you're a sucker for a good spot to online shop because I personally hate going to the mall. I don't want to deal with all the people and waiting in lines lol The sucky part is that you can't try stuff on so what you get is what you get so you better hope it fits and looks as you imagined. It's a struggle am I right?!

Anyway if you need a new online shop I've got you covered. Whether you're looking for girly, bold, casual, comfy, chic, or sporty... they have it all. The best part is they have this program where they divide your payments into several so that way the money doesn't have to come out of your pocket all at once. Haha I'm laughing because they definitely played me on this one, I literally bought over 15 things because I could NOT narrow my list down. I felt like I needed everything. Good thing I did after pay and within 2 months I finished paying my total.

P.s they are based out of Australia I believe, so it might take some time for you to get your package if you're in the U.S, but honestly my package arrived in about a week and a half or so. Not shabby at all. Their sizes run a bit small too so I would size up!!

↠ I also wanted to save some money since I would be spending quite an amount on their store. I emailed the boutique and asked for a discount, and in return I would share their boutique with my followers BUT they never responded. No hard feelings I guess BECAUSE I searched for discounts and came across this site ↠

⋆I highly recommend you check it out and download Honey on your browser because it saved me about 20% off which is better than NOTHING right?! I literally saved over a $100, yeah cause my total was way above that initially haha.

Okay okay I will finally tell you where to find this bangin' shop.. Ready?

They are Princess Polly! If you click on their name I linked their website so you can get to shopping. I also suggest you mentally prepare yourself and give yourself a budget before you click on their site cause you will want everything!

I'm still currently styling some of the outfits I bought so I can shoot them and post them but for now you can reference the photos below to see how I styled some of their clothes.

Thanks for reading & Happy Shopping! 😘


Mayra Patino


Links to shop my outfits here: ↓

∘ Faux Snake Skin Skirt:

∘ Thrills Tee:

∘ Leopard Dress:

∘ Crop Tee in White:

∘ Black Oval Sunnies:

∘ Vegan Doc Martens:


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