It's the Freakin "Grand Canyon"

You're probably confused by the title of this post. Can you hear it in Will Ferrel's voice, "It's the freakin C̶a̶t̶a̶l̶i̶n̶a̶ ̶W̶i̶n̶e̶ ̶M̶i̶x̶e̶r̶--> Grand Canyon!!"If you keep up up with my Instagram stories, you'll know I watched Step Brothers a couple days ago and that's why I'm trying to quote it. Haha. Okay back to the topic of this post...

Man where do I begin…

Let me just start by saying that I'm so excited to share my experience at the Grand Canyon with y'all. I'm seriously proud of the photos I took and would like to hear your thoughts. I did edit the photos to try and bring out the colors to life to show you just how beautiful it looked in person. It's amazing how different some of the pictures look when they're actually the same mountains. Seriously the colors change depending on the light hitting it. You'll see below. ;)

Also... Whatever image you have painted in your head of the Grand Canyon… well it’s that and MORE.

I might just let the photos speak for themselves to be honest.

I don’t know if I have the words to describe the feeling I felt when I hiked the Grand Canyon two weeks ago?...







I’m just so happy and thankful to be alive, healthy, and able to experience things like this. This world is enormous and there is so much to explore. I’ve always had an appreciation for nature but after being in the Canyon I have a new perspective and craving for doing more exploring, traveling, hiking, and honestly just more of putting myself in situations that make me feel ALIVE.

Not to mention I spent the weekend with the BEST group of people; aka my sister, her hubby, and his brother. I can’t wait to make another trip back out there and see different sides of the Canyon.




We did not know this but our camp site was literally on the snow and it was freezing. We had to shovel the snow out of our site so we could set up our tents. It was scary to think we would be sleeping in 20 degree weather but we managed. In the middle of the night the temperature would drop to the point you couldn’t sleep anymore.

On the bright side, I got to experience a true Winter Wonderland and it was beautiful.

Wild life

You can expect to see some wild life while you're there. We actually saw a bore on our first day, who wandered onto our campsite and then went on his way. He was pretty adorable and kinda looked like a pig/ baby bear/porcupine (if you ask me) haha. We also saw HUGE deer. I’ve never seen deer that big. Like a deer on steroids. Lol We also came across some elk too, and mules. Yes, I have pictures.


So we stayed on the South Rim of the Canyon. Before our hike, we got up at 5:30am to watch the sunrise and man was it worth it!!

We ended up doing the South Kaibab Trail. There were a couple of scenic spots we stopped at on our way down the Canyon but honestly everywhere you looked was a “scenic view.”

You had a view of the snowy mountains, red rocks, green mountains, the river… so freakin GORGEOUS!!

Since there was snow at the top of the mountain, the first half mile or so was icy and kinda dangerous. It was actually scary haha. We were holding on to rocks going down and trying not to slide off the mountain (at least that’s what it felt like what would happen lol). I remember I slipped at one point and fell on my ass but it didn’t hurt too bad and I decided f*ck it and put my hands in the air and enjoyed the ride (using my feet to guide where I was moving of course). That was the only time I fell thank goodness. Once you passed that point, the ground was safe and fairly dry.

As we moved down the mountain, the weather got warmer and the air became more fresh. I actually recommend going around this time of year before it gets too hot and dry. I would just suggest buying tracks for your hiking shoes.

OH and Please DO NOT wear sandals. I couldn’t believe the amount of people we saw wearing the wrong kind of shoes or not layering up. There were women in flip slops, sandals, or just wearing a cute flannel and no layers. Major MISTAKE.

My outfits were definitely based on comfort and warmth that weekend, not on how cute I looked.

I also wouldn’t mind it if we rented a cabin rather than camped in the snow ;) haha but needless to say we had an amazing trip and we definitely learned what to do & what not to do on the next trip.

Back to the hike… I would say it was a moderate level hike. Nothing crazy but also wasn’t easy. Not a hike for beginners that’s for sure but as long as you’re in pretty good shape you could do it. I would definitely like to backpack next time and go around the whole rim. That would be awesome.


Camping is always fun when you’re around a good group of people. We attempted to cook the first night but our chicken wouldn’t defrost so we settled for hot dogs, chili beans, and s’mores. Yeah, I had stomach ache after eating that crap but it was okay cause we burned it all off the next day on our hike I guess.

P.s we had no service so our music consisted of only Kacey Musgraves. We listened to her one album over and over and… OVER again. Hahah That was the only album we had downloaded on Spotify. Lesson learned: Download more music on Spotify. However, we love her album so much we decided we’re gonna go see her perform in the Summer. Yay!

Card games are a must when you go camping!! And celebratory beers after a long hike duh. Then we sat around the camp fire and talked life & relationships. It was really nice to be disconnected from the outside world for a weekend and just be in the present.


Crazy how you leave a polluted city and realize there are so many more stars in the sky. The sky was so clear at night and the stars & moon were so bright and visible. Haven’t seen that ever until then. I was sad I didn’t get to see the Milky Way but my brother in law and his brother did. Unfortunately, I also didn’t get to see the sunset because it set on the other side of the rim. There's always a next time!



1. Clothing: Make sure you prepare for the weather. If you’re going during this snowy season I suggest you LAYER UP. Bring tracks for your shoes so you don’t slide.

2. Food: If you’re going to camp then bring easy stuff to make. Like I said, our chicken didn’t defrost so we couldn’t cook much. We did bring stuff to make sandwiches for our hike. LOTS of SNACKS: NUTS, PROTEIN BARS, etc. They also had a grocery store and restaurants so if you don’t want to cook you really don’t have to.

a. P.S Shout to Jorge & Josue for volunteering to get up at 5am to make me and my sister sandwiches for the hike. Ladies find yourself a man who will get up when it’s still pitch black outside, 21 degrees, and willing to make you a sandwich. Haha we were so lucky!

3. Camping: If you’re going to camp in the winter, bring lots of blankets and bring on the wood cause you’re gonna need it for a fire. Or you can also stay at a cabin or hotel. Your choice and depending on your budget. Bring games to entertain yourselves!!

4. Other: Bring a portable charger so you can charge your camera. My camera died after taking photos all day and so did my phone. Even my portable charger died actually haha. So bring 2 chargers? Maybe a jetpack if you can’t live without your wifi.

In Conclusion

TAKE IT ALL IN. Every second. Every breath. Every view. Soak it all in. Okay maybe I'm exaggerating but seriously take photos so you can look back at those memories later. And pick a good group of people you wouldn’t mind being stuck with all weekend ;)

Now go plan your trip to the GRAND CANYON!!!

Let me know in the comments, if you have any questions and I’ll be happy to answer! Enjoy the Canyon through my eyes and my lens. 😊


Mayra Patino

Back at the Campground...

The End.


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