Teeth Whitening At Home (Before & After)

If you know me, you know a smile is really important to me. Personally, it's the first thing I notice when I meet someone. Let me tell you, a bright smile will brighten anyone's day!

I recently had the chance to test out a teeth whitening kit for Smile Brilliant.

Now, this isn't the first time I've tried out a teeth whitening kit. I used one back in high school and they most definitely work.

Please do not think you have to spend hundreds of dollars to have a bright nice smile!

You can do it at the convenience of your own home (while in pjs, watching Netflix, & saving some money) and in just a few easy steps.

Be aware, if you want 100% transformation on your teeth you have to watch what you drink. Unfortunately for me, I could not stay away from red wine during the months I was using this teeth whitening kit. Also, if you watch my instagram stories you know I love coffee so there goes that lol. However, I do recommend you rinse your mouth with water after you take a sip of your red wine or coffee. That will help prevent staining.

Okay, I'm so excited to jump into the details so here we go:

Step 1: Smile Brilliant will send you a kit which will include paste to create your dental impressions.

Step 2: You will mail back your impressions so they can be customized for your teeth.

Step 3: You should receive your finished customized impressions within a week 1/2. In the kit there are two types of Syringes containing; the teeth whitening gel & desensitizing gel.

Step 4: Apply the teeth whitening gel on your impressions and leave in your mouth for an hour (or less time if your teeth/ gums are sensitive).

Step 5: If your teeth/ gums begin feeling sensitive you can rinse off the teeth whitening gel and apply the desensitizing gel and leave on for about 30-40 min.

Step 4: That's it. Rinse your mouth off with water, clean the impressions, and stay consistent!

The more consistent you are, the faster results you will see.

For me, it took me a couple months to finish the teeth whitening kit. I only whitened my teeth 1-2x a week. Initially my teeth felt sensitive but the desensitizing gel really helped.

I highly recommend the Smile Brilliant's teeth whitening kit and here's why:

✰ The customer service at Smile Brilliant is awesome! They send you everything you need to have that perfectly pearly white smile. They include instructions, FAQ, support, and they are so quick! From the time you order to receiving your final moldings, it all goes by so fast!

✰ The impressions are customized just for you.That means no tooth left behind haha. I remember when I used other teeth whitening strips they moved around in your mouth and/ or didn't reach all your teeth.

✰ Smile Brilliant is so generous with the gel. You receive several syringes and each syringe can you give 3- 4 applications each. They also send you extra paste so you can create a second dental impression in case you ruin the first one (like I did).

✰ Your kit includes desensitizing gel which is a bonus in my opinion because most other kits do not help with this.

✰ It works! Be ready for white teeth. 😄

Oh and I know you thought I was done BUT... I want you all to have a chance to win their teeth whitening kit so you can see results for yourself.

Click this link to enter my G I V E A W A Y with Smile Brilliant. P.S If you win, please tag me in your photos or message me. I would love to see your results and hear about your experience!!! We all deserve to have a bright white smile Okuurrrrr. 😜

P.s if you don't win the giveaway and would still like to purchase a teeth whitening kit with Smile Brilliant, use code mayrapatinoblog15 for 15% off site wide.

See my results below.




To head over to @SmilleBrilliant instagram page click here.

I'm curious though, how many of you have tried teeth whitening at home? Which method did you use? Did it work? Let me know in the comments below. :)


Mayra Patino


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