Black Lives Matter

I decided to write out my thoughts instead of speaking out loud. I tried several times to voice out on video my beliefs and thoughts on Black Lives Matter but as much as I tried I could not keep myself from getting emotional. So here I am typing it out because that’s the only way I can stay composed and say what I need to say concisely.

I honestly don’t know where to begin.

I’ll start here.

I’m Mexican and I am privileged. I have endured racism many times in my life but never to the extent that black lives do. I understand that I will never fully understand because I'm not black but I stand with you all. Justice must be served and racism must end.

Change is in our hands and starts with us first.

The truth is many of us have been unconsciously part of the problem as well. I know I’m not the only one. We have all been ignorant and “a little racist” at one point in our lives and it’s not okay. Maybe you’ve been guilty of believing a racial stereotype whether it was consciously or unconsciously. Maybe you’ve been guilty of laughing at an offensive racial joke. Maybe you’ve been guilty of hearing a racial joke and staying silent.

We cannot be guilty anymore. For the sake of humanity, we must do better. We must teach others. We must be proactive in stopping racism. We must change.

I feel sick to my stomach. I want to avoid social media because it just breaks my heart seeing all the chaos but I feel as a human being I have to be active and continue to spread awareness and show support to the black community. As much as we may be tired of seeing all the bad in the world we cannot be blind and silent. We cannot turn our heads again because that’s how we’ll end up where we started. We need to continue to fight until racism is put to an end once and for all. Until police brutality is put to an end once and for all. It will not be overnight and I understand that.

It’s gut-wrenching to believe that we’re on the sixth day of protests for justice for George Floyd, and still there are 3 police officers in Minnesota who are walking free when they’ve should’ve ALL been charged with murder. I can’t stand it. How is this happening?? How are our federal, state, local leaders allowing this!

How many more lives will be taken away in the next few days until something is done.

This isn’t just a battle of justice for George Floyd.

This is a battle to end police brutality.

This is a battle to end racism.

So many innocent black lives have been taken away for no justifiable reason other than someone in uniform abusing their power.

See examples below.

  1. Jonathan Ferrell:

  2. Atatiana Jefferson:

  3. Terrence Crutcher:

  4. Aiyana Jones:

  5. Ahmaud Arbery:

  6. Renisha McBride:

  7. Amadou Diallo:

  8. Walter Scott:

  9. Stephon Clark:

  10. George Floyd:


I know that there are good cops and bad cops. I know there are good people and bad people in every race. I know that.

We should all be accountable for our actions. We should all act with integrity at all times, police officer or not. However, when you put on that police officer uniform you are held to a standard. You should abide by the oath you took to earn that badge. You are to protect others. You are to make citizens feel safe. You are to act with integrity. When you took that oath you agreed to all this. You agreed to put your life at risk in order to protect others. You agreed to be a hero so act like one.

With that being said, I need to reiterate that I understand not all cops are bad. I respect the good cops who joined the force for the right reasons, to protect us so that we can feel safe in our homes, and in our communities. I pray for you all to stay safe.

To the good cops:

Thank you for all that you do. I understand being a police officer is not a glamorous job. I understand there’s a lot of pressure, stress, and danger involved. So thank you for taking on that responsibility. Thank you for your bravery. I sincerely appreciate you.

To the cops that abuse their power:

SHAME ON YOU and gtfo of the police force.


What can we do to help reform our criminal justice system?

We can start by becoming knowledgeable. Find out who are our elected officials at the state/ local level. Who are they and what do they stand for!

We need to vote! I know some people think our vote doesn’t matter BUT it really does matter! The people we vote for have the power to make demands for criminal justice and police reform. These people are at the local level believe it or not.

I’m not going to act that I’ve known that all along. The past few months have been eye opening. I’ve realized that it’s just as important to vote for our local State Governor, State Attorney, Mayor, County Executives, District Attorneys as it is to vote for our President (if not more important). They have power too and I haven’t always known that until COVID-19 happened.

So please, do your research, stay educated, and vote when that time comes.

We need to all do our part if we want to make this world a better place for not only our future selves but for our future children and generations to come.

You want to know what else we can all do to help end racism and police brutality?

  1. Raise Awareness. Continue educating your family and friends on ways to help. Continue sharing content on social platforms.

  2. Share and sign petitions




  6. Donate money to organizations helping put an end to racism/ police brutality:

  7. Black Lives Matter movement

  8. National Police Accountability Project

  1. Campaign Zero

  2. Protest but please think about your community and others. Clean up after yourselves. Be safe and be careful out there because you are putting yourself at risk of getting hurt.

  3. Donate to those small business who are affected by the riots and looting. They were hit hard enough with COVID-19 and now have to deal with recovering from this. They did not deserve this and remember there are black owned businesses too and looting is hurting them and making it harder for them to get on their feet. You are putting these business owners and their families on the streets. Big corporations will get back up but these small businesses may not. These also aren’t just business who sell materialistic goods. These are also local grocery stores, non-profit organizations that help youth and the community, businesses that people put their heart and savings into. Please if you can donate then do. Just a few I found here:






There are a ton of others if you just google you will find so many Go Fund Me pages where you can help these small business get off their feet.

If you’ve ever wondered what your purpose in life is, this is it. Do one of these steps above and help make our world a better place. I would say country but this is much larger than that, this is a world problem and we need to lead by example.

Before I end this is I do want to say that above all the chaos we’ve seen the past couple of days, it is inspiring to see our country come together to fight racism together. I’ve seen so many beautiful peaceful protests and so many courageous people on the frontlines. It gives me hope that there is good to come and change to be made. I respect everyone who has done their part in raising awareness and standing up for this Black Lives Matter movement.

Let’s keep moving forward even if it makes you uncomfortable!

To donate to George Floyd's memorial fund, click here.


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