3 Different Ways to Style a Graphic Tee

My 1st fashion post in months, wow!

Such a strange time to be giving y'all outfit inspiration, considering the circumstances.

Even though we can't really go anywhere these days, you can keep these looks in mind for when you get that chance to hang out in public again.

Okay on to the looks... 1st off, let me just express how much I LOVE a good graphic tee! They can literally be worn in so many ways (from boujie to couch potato style)- trust me it can be done.

What I'm saying is, get yourself a graphic tee. You NEED it in your wardrobe. This summer I've been rotating on my favorite graphic tees from Urban Outfitters. I have a feeling you'll be seeing a lot more of them on my Instagram. Why? Because they're so easy to throw on & style.. or don't style. They still look great! I will link my outfit details below. 😘

P.s I decided to pick 3 words that came to mind when looking at each (3) of these looks!


Look # 1

Bold, Sexy, Eclectic

Look # 2

Simple, Stylish, Youthful

Look # 3

Casual, Vintage, Chic

Outfit details below (clickable links)

1. Nirvana Tee

2. Biker Shorts

3. Zara Sandals

4. Snake Print Booties

5. White Blazer

Let me know what your thoughts are on these looks and what others would you like to see! ❤

P.s thank you to my supportive and kind cousin (Cristina) for shooting these looks on her iPhone in the middle of a hot Bakersfield summer. I love and appreciate you ♡


Mayra Patino

Ig: @stylebymayra


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