✨My 1st GIVEAWAY!!! ✨

Welcome to my First Giveaway!... and many to come in the future! I am super excited to be doing this for you guys. This is for y'all you have supported me from the beginning, since the middle, or even most recently! THANK YOU THANK YOU for your continued support & encouragement ❤️ I hate to get all mushy gushy but lets face it that's who I am haha. It means so much to me that I've received so much love from you guys. Whether it's engagement on my photos, on my blog, or even those emails and Dm's I've received from you guys! You guys have let me know that not only do I inspire your fashion choices but also that I've "inspired you to do more and push yourself to make your own dreams come true!" 😢😍 Those were the exact words from one of my followers. I could quote a couple more but you guys get the point. Lol Reading these messages literally melt my heart and bring me to tears. If you know me you know I love helping others. I never would've thought that through my photos and posts I could inspire you in many ways. I only hope that I continue to reach more people in the way that I've reached these sweet individuals who take the time to write to me and support most if not all my posts. ♥ I can honestly say I've made good new friends through this blogging journey!

From the bottom of my heart I want to say thank you for following along! I promise I will continue to inspire you in ways you weren't even planning when you started following me 😉 Thank you to those who also give me tips/ advice/ feedback it means so much to me. We are here to help each other in any way we can. Let's help each other bloom to our fullest potential. ⚘

Please, if you like what I post.. if I make you feel anything with my content.. it would mean everything to me if you shared my blog, or IG profile.

IG: @stylebymayra

Okay now onto the giveaway! I decided to give away a Free pair of @12thtribe blue denim overalls! I have had my pair for over a year and they're still my go to. So comfy yet fashionable, and I love this shade of blue! I can't wait to see how the winner of these overalls will style them. So please tag me if you post a photo! :)

Of course the overalls pictured in my photos below are my own pair. You will obviously be receiving your own pair! 😉

I have been wanting to do this giveaway since before summer even began but I wanted to wait until I reached at least 1,000 followers on Ig so that more people will be able to enter. It took me longer than expected to reach that number, but it's my fault because I haven't been too consistent (LIFE GOT IN MY WAY). Anyway I went at my own pace and here I am now. Thanks for sticking around 😁 P.s I'm doing this giveaway on my own, @12thtribe is not gifting me the overalls. I didn't ask them to either. It's just something kind I'd like to do to one of my supporters.

This giveaway is open to EVERYONE in the U.S (yes even my friends and family). I will be selecting a random winner by using "Random Name Picker" from Google.



I don't want this to be too complicated but I am trying to strategize as well by finding the best way to have you guys help me grow. Therefore this is what I'm thinking:

1. Must Follow me on Instagram, Like my Instagram Giveaway Photo, & Tag at least 3 friends so they can enter as well. Every extra friend tagged is a bonus entry.

2. Must be Subscribed to my Blog!

(Don't worry I won't spam you. 😉 Plus you will be the first know when I have a new blog post!)

✨✨For extra BONUS entries:✨✨

  • On Instagram you can screenshot any one of my photos from my blog or Instagram, or you can screenshot my profile, THEN Post it on your Ig Stories and tag my Ig handle: @stylebymayra WITH the hashtag #MPGIVEAWAY.



Contest begins Saturday, July 28, 2018 when I post the Giveaway Photo.


Thank you so much for entering! Cannot wait to announce the winner! ☆



The rest of these photos are for you entertainment haha I was falling off the fence and then I almost swallowed a bug that flew into my mouth. It happens right... haha


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