Hello 2021// I’ve been MIA

I don’t know about you but I’m sure excited for 2021! Yes, even after everything that happened before today. I’m optimistic!

In case you’re wondering, what do you mean before today. Did something happen?

No, I just mean that anything before today is in the past. The cool thing about the past is that it already happened! No point in stressing about something you cannot change. That is one of the many things we cannot have control of. What happened, happened! So learn from the past, do better today, and be good to future you!

Let’s keep that mindset for 2021!

Okay now that we had that little pep talk, I want to share with y’all a little bit of my year so far. Yes, I have been MIA on Instagram and that’s because I did an Instagram detox. I still kept my Snapchat and TikTok. I can’t get rid of TikTok honestly, I learn so much on there. From travel recommendations, to how to invest your money, more ideas for DIY, to women empowering women, and lastly the best part... watching funny videos that have me laughing my ass off. Laughing is good for you!! As for Snapchat, I only literally have less than 40 friends on there so I don’t really spend too much time on there. My justification lol.

So the reason behind my ig detox is... well there are a few reasons.

  1. Less screen time- I wanted to have less screen time in general (I went from 4-6 hrs of phone screen time to 1-2 hrs of phone screen time. Keep in mind I have more screen time than this on my computer. I’m staring at my computer screen Monday- Friday (8a- 5p) so my brain and eyes definitely need less time staring at a bright screen.

  2. More productivity- If you’re on Instagram frequently, you know how dangerous it can be to your productivity. It’s a black hole! 10-15 min turns into 30 min, and 30 min turns into 1 hour. This time doubles if you’re using social media for networking. Especially if you’re a business or a social media influencer, you know you must engage with others and this causes you to spend more time on Instagram than the average person. For me, less time on Instagram meant having more time to other things that I had been procrastinating on.

  3. Energy draining- Through countless meme exchanges, and plenty of how are you(s) during the week. This can drain your energy- sure as heck drains my energy. Don’t get me wrong, I love socializing with everyone but my brain is constantly go-go-go. At work I’m a problem solver and I communicate with people all day. So sometimes I don’t have the energy to get on Instagram to socialize more after work. I want to do more mindful scrolling and look at things that make me smile, make me laugh, inspire me, give me back more energy. That being said, I do miss watching my creator friends post, and hyping them up. Now that gives me energy, it pumps me up and makes me smile to see them grow and have fun doing it. I also miss seeing my friends selfies and ootd inspo- yasss girl!

  4. Living in the moment- do you remember the last time you lived social media free? While I feel that I was already working on being more in the moment, I still feel like being free of Instagram took this concept to another level. I used to start my mornings with a quick scroll through Instagram, but now my mornings start like this... meditating for 6-9 minutes, and stretching. My lunch breaks turned into reading time. Scrolling before bed became my personal time to journal my thoughts & goals. Oh all those times of boredom when you're at someone's house, or you’re waiting at the doctors and don’t know what else to look at so you pull out your phone and start scrolling? Well I was forced to do literally anything but get on my phone. Like actually living in the moment, looking around, people watching, noticing things around me in a different perspective, etc. You know what else was awesome for me? Y’all know I love the beach and sunsets. Most of the time I record them and post on my ig stories so you can see what I see. But because I was off Instagram, I didn’t worry about taking an ig worthy shot of the waves, or the sun setting for that matter. I might’ve pulled out my phone for a quick shot and that was that- back to the moment. No posting, no editing. I actually found that the moment seemed to last longer. It was beautiful. It was more silent. It was more peaceful. I had more private moments with myself or with who ever I was with.

  5. More clarity- this means my mind was less occupied with nonsense. I struggle with being an overthinker. So “too much” information at once can affect me. This goes back to draining my energy. When you're constantly looking down staring at a phone screen or computer screen, don't you feel like life is passing you by? When you’re constantly looking at what others are doing around you, doesn't it make you sometimes compare your life to theirs? When you're following all the cute home decor accounts, doesn't it make you feel like you need to spend money? lol when you're known as an "influencer" don't you feel like you're expected to be posting all the time? When you're an over thinker like me you have all the questions in your head constantly. Therefore, I needed clarity and I got that by spending less time on my phone/ social media. Not to mention all the political posts these days and the negativity surrounding it. All this can clutter your mind, and you’ll spend more time worrying about what’s going to happen than what’s actually happening in the moment, in YOUR life. Being in my “bubble” for the last month has helped me refocus on what’s important to me- that’s my family, my close circle of friends, what I’m feeding my mind & my body, and the little things that bring me joy! I’ve spent more time doing all this and being very selective of how I choose to spend my time. I feel less stressed and more clear headed if that makes sense.

This leads to my next topic. What have I been doing all this time?

Btw this is not a productivity post. I just want to share things that I've enjoyed doing with my time so maybe you can do some of these too. Some of these things might change your life.

Okay so first off, I know this blog post is different than my other ones. 2nd, I've made a goal for the year- it's not a new goal necessarily but I want to deepen the work that I've been doing. My goal: more self-growth. I’ve done a lot of self growth in the last few years but that doesn’t mean it stops there. That would be boring! Be better than who you were last month! Why not? As I continue this journey of self-growth, one of the things I want to work on is vulnerability. Being more open. I feel the most comfortable expressing myself on my blog if I'm being honest, which is why I'm sharing on here as opposed to my IG platform. This is my little space on the internet- my space. This is my journey. Our journey- to whoever is reading and can relate.

Here’s the rundown of how I’ve spent my free time (in no particular order):

Learning about ways to invest your savings- I recently started looking into Roth IRA accounts (thanks to TikTok). What is a Roth IRA? It's basically a retirement account, similar to a 401k but different. It provides tax-free growth and tax-free withdrawals when you retire. You add money into your account as often as you'd like (like a savings account) but at the end of the year you can only add a maximum of $6k per year. However, the cool thing about it is that your money grows through compounding, just by sitting there. So much better than sitting in your savings account doing nothing. It's passive income. You can be a millionaire by the time you're 59 1/2 if you invest the maximum. I’ve also met with a financial advisor to discuss all options for investing and saving money! If anyone needs a financial advisor, I’d love to recommend you one!

Binge watching Love Island Australia- my littler sister put me on this show. There are different seasons based on the country, but I of course had to watch Love Island Australia season 2 because I really want to visit Australia. Let me tell you after watching that show I am convinced my future husband is Australian. Brb while I change my Bumble location to Australia. Joking, but really. Ladies, you need to watch this. If you watched, can you guess which man I would marry?

Taking the steps to start my business- if you know me, you know I’ve always wanted to started a business. This seed was planted in my head back in high school. I feel that I was born to be an entrepreneur. However, I’ve always been afraid to get the ball rolling. Fear has kept me from taking the plunge and getting started but not anymore! I’m working on step by step, not rushing anything but progress is better than nothing! I don’t want to spill EVERYTHING just yet. I don’t want to get overwhelmed talking about it with y’all just yet. But here’s what I’ve done. I picked a name last summer of 2020. Just a week ago, I finalized my logo with my friend and graphic designer who is very talented. I’m currently looking into different business licenses and working on writing out my business plan. I made an Instagram for my business and even started playing around with what it will look like. Let me just say I’m so proud of it and it’s only the beginning. I have so many fun ideas for my brand and I cannot wait to share. So I know there may be many of you out there who also want to start a business and may not know where to start... I’ve decided I’m going to bring y’all along for the ride. We can talk business on my brand’s page. You can ask me questions, I’ll give you answers. I want it to be really engaging so I’d love to take you guys along the ride and show you the process of picking out the clothes. Yes it is a clothing brand for WOMEN and MEN! I’m currently testing out different materials and styles of what I want. I will be designing some cool stuff (in my opinion) and it will be very personal to me and detailed. I’m very much into details which tells me this may take time but I hope I can keep y’all as excited as I am!

Lots of beach time- I love the beach but you probably already knew that. I’ve spent almost every weekend at the beach since the new year started. There’s nothing like the sound of the ocean waves and the sun shining on you. Also I discovered a new thing I like to do at the beach... read.

Reading- I finally finished a book lol. I mean I’ve finished plenty of books in my lifetime but honestly within the last year or so I’ve started at least 5 books and never finished them. Last month however, I finally finished one. My good friend handed me this book called “Girl Wash Your Face” and only a few pages into it, I was hooked! I loved it so much I finished it way too quick. Is anyone else like me, where you love a book so much and then when you get close to the ending you put it off, because you don’t want it to end. You’re not ready to say goodbye?! Lol that’s me! Anyway if you need a good book to get you motivated and fired up to do something, then try reading this book. Available on Amazon!

Podcasts- my go to podcast is On Purpose with Jay Shetty. Since I’ve discovered his show over a year ago, I’ve been hooked. This wise man used to be a monk. He has the most insightful perspective. Whether he's talking alone on his show or has a guest speaker, it's always the most fascinating and inspiring conversations. I've truly done so much self-growth because of this podcast. Please do give it a listen and you'll know what I'm talking about. Also, if you do listen then let me know! We can chat about his topics! I love having deep conversations with people.

Meditating- listen to the The Daily Shine podcast! My best friend also put me on this and I’m so glad she did. I could never focus on meditating on my own (I'm an over thinker and have trouble shutting my brain off sometimes). But with this podcast you have someone telling you what to do, telling you when to take deep breaths, or telling you to do some sort of mental exercise. And it really works. I’m able to still my mind. And I always feel clear headed right after and happy. It really sets my intention for the day. New episodes only come out Monday through Friday but you can always practice on your own on the weekends. Sometimes I forget but if I need to still my mind, I now know exactly where to go.

Watching movies- So I love Netflix and chill okay. I enjoy watching movies, especially thrillers. I discovered two (thanks to TikTok again lol). The first one is called Bad Samaritan and it's free on Amazon Prime. The second one is Alone and that one is free with Hulu. I won't go into detail explaining them, so if you love thrillers just watch the trailer on youtube. I was not disappointed though.

Dating- I won't go into too detail but let's just say I've met some men I'm sure were put into my life for a good reason. :) Side note: Remember, settling for less than you deserve isn't an option when you already feel complete as a whole on your own.

Diy home projects- Im so happy about my dining room wall! I will be showing you more photos on the blog once I get a mirror up and make it look prettier. However, I'll shaw some raw photos on my IG, so keep an eye out on there. I want my home to have a coastal vibe so I thought of adding some bright white paint, and moldings to my wall to make it an accent wall. I loooooove it! It was very time consuming to finish this project but oh so worth it. Another thing I worked on was my hallway wall. It's been a plain white wall for over a year. I finally decided to pick out some photos, edited them in black and white, and got them printed at CVS. I've had these gold frames for so long, literally I've had them since I moved in but I just never printed the photos and took the time to hang them. The thought of getting them up all straight on the wall, stressed me out. That's why I put it off for so long. Hours later they were finally up. I still feel like I may need to add a few more but it works for now. I'm just happy to finally have something hanging on that wall. Not to mention, every photo up on my wall means something to me. In case you like my frames when you see them, you can find them here on Amazon.

Impulse- I know you're thinking what the heck is that? lol it's a phone app I just downloaded a week ago, you only play it a few min a day and it gives you brain exercises. I love it! It keeps your brain stimulated. I'm currently doing the 30 day brain challenge. It helps with your focus, memory, and cognitive thinking. There's also fun math games (fun fact I loved math growing up, now I depend too much on my calculator). Anyway, this is one app you should spend more time on than social media.

Journaling- I can't tell you how much journaling has done for me. Writing out my thoughts makes me feel like I'm literally removing clutter from my brain and making room for other things. I've been able to become more expressive, more emotional, more in tune with myself. When I write out my thoughts about anything on paper and read them aloud after, I feel the feeling that I felt when I wrote them. Does that make sense? Journaling has helped me make sense of things and in turn become more of my true self. I'm writing to myself, therefore I get raw, blunt, vulnerable, and F E A R L E S S. I tell myself no one is going to read my journal, no one can judge my thoughts so I write whatever is on my mind to express myself. That's my mindset when I started, but the more I got into journaling, the more comfortable I feel being my true self.

Well that’s the jist of it! If you made it this far, thank you from the bottom of my heart! Thank you for reading! I hope this inspired you to incorporate new habits or a new perspective into your life. Whichever way you take in this information, I hope it was relatable in some way. I hope it interested you. I hope you learned something. And I hope it made you smile at least once!

Stay tuned for more!


Mayra Patino


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